Company Overview

We would like to offer an overview of Indiana Bottle’s current molding capabilities. We will cover where we see ourselves today in the packaging industry as well as our focus toward the future.

Below is a quick outline for reference as follows:

A. Indiana Bottle Company is only an extrusion blow molding facility
1. High Density Polyethylene
2. Low Density Polyethylene
3. Polypropylene (Clarified Material)
4. PETE (Injection Blow / Tennessee Plant only)

B. Production consists of single, double, triple, four, six and eight cavity output
1. *Single cavity (One mold) 5,000 minimum
a. If you require less than minimum, there would be a set-up charge of $ 150.00
(natural & white) or $ 300.00 (all other colors) unless available from floor stock
2. Minimum orders without set up charges for color – 5,000
3. *Two and four cavity – 10,000 minimum (Unless on the floor)
4. *Six and eight cavity – 50,000 minimum (Unless on the floor)
5. *Special production available based on a blanket order w/releases

A. Indiana Bottle’s current mold list
1. Cylinders and Bullets
2. Wide mouth jars
3. Oblong and ovals
4. Handleware

B. Mold sizes from 1 ounce to 1 gallon with neck sizes available from 20mm to 120mm

C. Trimming is done with either post production spin domes or finished neck production. Most of our production does not control the I.D. (Inside dimension) of our bottles so any dispensing closure requirement you may have should use a “land seal” or “crab claw” cap only. Only a controlled I.D. (Inside dimension) bottle neck finish should use a valve sealing cap.

A. lmpco 813 (Single & double cavity)

B. Rocheleau SPB2 / R2 / R3 (One, two, three and four cavity)

C. Uniloy ( Two, four & six cavity production)

D. Fischer 054 (Double cavity)

E. Bekum (Six and eight cavity production)

F. Jomar Injection Blow (Seven Cavity)

G. Nissei (For PET injection blow bottles)

Production That Fits Nearly Every Quantity Requirement

Our business offers production ranges from as little as a single case to multiple truckload shipments.  Being we are able to produce containers with different output capabilities allows us to offer the right molding equipment for the container needed.  From a light weight squeezable bottles to large container that can be molded up to 1500 grams.  With this range of molding equipment, we can either supply from our existing stock container molds or you can have a very specific mold made.  If the exact bottle needed from our existing stock mold list does not fit your needs you may want to consider a custom mold.  We can get you a quote for the right mold count based on how many bottles needed.  The range of equipment available allows you to start with a single cavity mold up to an eight-cavity block mold.  We can offer a quote for the bottle and tooling at no cost for your consideration.  How can we help you?

A. We still do small minimum orders

B. We offer colors in small quantities (Pantone color match system)

C. Offer in-between sizes with slide molds (Cylinders & wide mouth jars)

D. Interchange mold tops or bodies on exiting tooling to achieve your desired bottle

E. Low mold building cost starting with single cavity tooling

A. Tooling lead time range from 4 to 7 wks. (Except PETE tooling) Call for specifics

B. Bottle sampling program after new molds have been completed procedures
1. Each mold is sampled (Actual production quality samples submitted for approval)
2. Color approval (if other than natural) is submitted with color chip.
Once OK’ed, we send the matched colored bottle for final approval

1. Two shipping locations (Indiana and Tennessee)
(Indiana Bottle Co./Tennessee Bottle Co.)
2. Silkscreen Printing (all locations)
3. Sleeve labeling (Indiana location only)
4. Labels applied (Tennessee location only)
5. Special cartons (if required)
6. Assembled components

1. Large mega bottle producers are buying other medium sized molders shrinking available suppliers for your specific bottle requirements with increased minimum order quantities.
2. IBC will continue in our niche market with our customer’s interest in mind.
3. Personal service (Over 75 years of combined marketing and production experience)

As a final overview, Indiana Bottle Company strives to keep our customers best interest in mind. We see resin and energy cost changing constantly; however, we work hard to hold our overhead to a minimum to remain as competitive as possible. In addition, our company policy is to offer price relief when we see a reduction of our cost. That’s our commit to our customers.
Knowing that we are a small blow molder, we realize that we cannot supply every container requirement you may have; however, as we expand our molding capabilities with higher production and are constantly working on improving quality with personal attention we would like you to consider us as your total packaging supplier. Please keep us in mind if you are struggling to find that exact bottle requirement you may have. Building your own mold is less than you may think. I appreciate your consideration and encourage a call if you have any questions.

Indiana Bottle Company, Inc.

Mike McCarty (VP/Sales Manager)
(Cell) 812-595-6610
(Direct) 812-722-8002

Jason Helton
Inside Sales/ Customer Service (Indiana Bottle location)
(Direct) 812-722-8208

Betty McKinney
Inside Sales/ Customer Service (Tennessee Bottle location)
(Direct) 812-722-3098

Other Contacts:

David Baker (President: General Mgr./ Scheduling/Production/ Freight)
(Direct) 812-722-80212

Bobbie Muncy (Office Mgr./ Accounts Receivable/ Billing)
(Direct) 812-722-8009

Indiana Bottle Co.

300 W Lovers Ln.
Scottsburg, IN 47170

(812) 752-8700