Determining the Opening Size and Thread Count for estimation purposes

We will need the “Opening” Size and the “Thread” Style/Count
to determine an accurate estimate.

53 MM/Standard 410

Opening Sizes

Thread Style/Count

Container Neck Specifications

A container’s neck finish holds the cap, stopper, or closure with protruding threads. A container and its corresponding cap must have matching finishes. For example, a 24/400 bottle will only accept a 24/400 closure.

Screw thread or continuous thread closure sizes are expressed with two numbers separated by a hyphen or slash. The first number refers to the millimeter diameter measured across the inside of the cap’s opening or the outside of the bottle’s threads. The second number refers to the thread style, “GPI” or “SPI” finish. The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) and Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) are responsible for establishing uniform standards for glass and plastic container neck finishes.

“T” Dimension

Outside diameter of the thread. The tolerance range of the “T” dimension will determine the mate between bottle and closure.

“E” Dimension

Outside diameter of the neck. The difference between the “E” and “T” dimensions divided by two determines the thread depth.

“I” Dimension

Inner diameter of bottle neck. Specifications require a minimum “I” to allow sufficient clearance for filling tubes. Linerless closures w/ plug or land seal & dispensing plugs/fitments require controlled “I” dimension for proper fit.

“S” Dimension

Measured from the top of the finish to the top edge of the first thread. The “S” dimension is the key factor that determines orientation of the closure to bottle and the amount of thread engagement between the bottle and cap.

“H” Dimension

The height of the neck finish. Measured from the top of the neck to the point where the diameter “T”, extended down, intersects the shoulder.

Container Neck Finishes

Common GPI / SPI Neck Finishes

  • 400: 1 thread turn
  • 410: 1.5 thread turns
  • 415: 2 thread turns, narrow threads
  • 425: Buttress Finish – thick threads & top bead (better seal, more application torque)
  • 2030: Lug Finish – Non-continuous threads
  • 2035: Lug Finish – Non-continuous threads, tall “H” dimension
How to Measure a Neck Finish


To find a cap’s diameter, measure from one side of the inner wall to the opposite side. Calculate a bottle’s neck finish by measuring the diameter of the outermost threads. The resulting millimeter measurement will be the “T” dimension.



Then, see how many times the threads pass one another to determine the finish.
(ex. 24 mm “T” dimension with 1.5 thread turns = 24/410 neck finish)