Markets We Serve

For over 28 years Indiana Bottle Company has been meeting the needs of customers in diverse industries. Understanding the unique requirements of each industry has allowed us to not only build an inventory, but also tailor our services and solution offerings.

Indiana Bottle Company is proud to serve customers in a variety of industries including Beauty Products, Food Industry, Chemical Industry, Industrial Products, Oil and Gas Industry, Automotive Aftermarket, Janitorial and many others.

Below are Products and Services that relate to each of these industries:

New Non-Backoff Screw Caps

We are pleased to announce that we are now manufacturing a new three  and four ounce heavy duty clarified polypropylene sample bottles that offers clarity, heat resistance and a patent pending non-back off screw cap. This new bottle and cap design stops all leaks during handling and shipping. Caps are attached to the bottles at the point of manufacturing in a closed room to minimize any contamination from outside sources.

Our new non-backoff screw caps means no more bottle leaks in shipments. These caps are supplied to the Oil Testing Industry and can be supplied in HDPE, Polypro, and PET Resins.They are Reusable, Recyclable and USPS Approved.

—-These containers are for Soil or Solid Products!!—-

  • 3oz. & 4oz. Polypropylene
  • High Heat Resistant
Cap Sizes
  • 38-400 (Bottles)
  • 58-400 (Mailer)
  • All colors are available
  • HDPE
  • Polypro
  • PET

Full description of this container and cap are as follows:

3 oz., 38-400 (NBO*) Natural Clarified Polypropylene Heavy Duty
Sample Bottle w/ 38-400 White Non-Back Off Screw Cap, Linerless.
Attached (*NBO – Non-Back Off)

Bottle Specs:
Resin – Clarified Injection Grade Polypropylene
Bottle Weight – 18 grams
Heat Resistant – Up to 255 Degrees Fahrenheit
Case Pack – 870 (20 cases/Pallet)
Note – NBO sealing device are notches below screw threads that align with similar notches on the cap.

Cap Specs:
Resin – Copolymer Injection Grade High Density Polypropylene
Cap Weight – 4 grams
Sealing Device – Linerless Valve Seal

Heat Resistant – While attached to bottle withstood same tested heat as bottle
NBO Feature – Notches below the screw threads on cap align with notches on bottle.

Note – Caps are easily removed and can be re-attached with same no leak advantage.

Bottles w/caps are currently in stock for immediate release. Samples of both the bottle and caps are available for your testing purposes upon request. Thanks for your consideration.

  • 1 to 5 oz. 38-400 Natural HDPE Heavy Duty High Heat Sample Bottles
    (Up to 240 degrees Heat Resistant) w/ Cap Attached
  • 8 oz., 16 oz. and 32 oz. 38-400 Natural HDPE Heavy Duty Fuel Sample Bottles w/38-400 Caps Attached
  • Plastic Mailers w/ Caps for Sample Bottles Sized to Fit!
    (Any Color / Printing Available)
  • 4 oz., 38-400 Clear PETE Heavy Duty Sample Bottles (Up to 180 Degrees)
    w/ 38-400 White (+ Other Colors) Non-Back off Polypro Screw Caps, Unlined (Attached)
  • 4 oz., 38-400 Clarified Polypro Heavy Duty Sample Bottles (Up to 240 Degrees)
    w/ 38-400 White Non-Back off Polypro Screw Caps, Unlined (Attached)
  • 16 oz., 70-400 Natural HOPE Heavy Duty Ring Sample Bottle
    w/ 70-400 White Polypro Screw Cap, (Attached)

—-These containers are for Soil or Solid Products!!—-

Automotive Aftermarket

We are currently producing bottles from both IBC and proprietary owned molds for the aftermarket automotive industry.  These containers can include lightweight or heavy weight for both round and oblong 2-cycle oil bottles plus our 8 oz. and 12 oz. PET oblong gas line additive bottles.

We offer 32 oz. 28-410 handled decanters used for heavy oils that can be ran in the appropriate gram weight that meets your preferred needs.  This container can be molded in custom company bottle colors and even have the bottles sleeved labeled or screen printed.  We also can supply one gallon handled jugs in either a round or square bottle design.


Give us a call for a no cost quote.

Janitorial Industry

Our company works with small and large customers with specific container requirements to help you stand out from your competition.

We offer:

  • Customized bottle weights, colors and decorated bottles all from one location.
  • Small bottles for sampling or retains from 2 oz. up to one-gallon round or square handled jugs.
  • Most containers that can be labeled, sleeved or silkscreened.
  • Bottles placed in custom cartons if desired.
  • Stocking programs which offer immediate access to your bottle requirements based on placing blanket orders with releases.
  • Combined items to achieve best prices whether you’re purchasing large or
    small amounts.
  • Custom built private container molds for
    customers that have special requirements.

Give us a call for a no cost quote.

Chemical Industry

Within the chemical industry we see a wide variety of specific containers that may need special resins, fluorinated bottles and even special gram weights.

We offer:

  • Manufacturing of our bottles with an extrusion blow molded process which gives us more molding options.
  • Custom made bottles with different gram weights and neck finishes.
  • Same screw neck enabled using the same cap for each size bottle.
  • Containers ranging from 2 oz. up to one-gallon handled jugs and wide mouth jars.
  • Machinery available for small to large quantity bottles or jar requirements.
  • Quantity prices that fit your requirements.

Contact our office with your specific needs.

Industrial Industry

We currently manufacture many containers for the liquid, powder and solid products industry.

We offer:

  • Custom built container molds for customers that have special requirements.
  • Array of molds that can be molded with specific resin, additives and/or color to meet your requirements.
  • Molds available that have an adjustable bottom which allows us to supply a specific capacity. This offers a container that looks full rather than having empty head space.
  • Custom top that can be made for your specific requirement.

We make our containers fit when others offer what they have or can find.

Beauty Products

Our full line of cylinders and bullet bottles can be custom made with your preferred color and can be screen printed up to three colors.  We have a full line of cylinders that range from 1 oz. to 32 oz. and our bullet line from 4 oz. to 32 oz. capacities.  With our added half gallon and one gallon handled jugs or our wide mouth jar line, we may have the exact container combination you are looking for.  Remember to include in-house screen printing to enhance your product line.

Food Industry

As a full line plastic bottle and jar manufacture, we have containers that may fit your exact container requirement. Whether it being round or square, small neck or wide mouth jars, all our containers can be certified to meet FDA specification for resin and color requirements for food contact. We include poly bag packing in order to keep your container free and clean from contact with the carton and when being shipped from outside contamination. Our low minimums and our just-in-time services may offer the perfect fit between our two companies. Give us a call to see if we have the container you seek.