plastic bottleThe holidays are here, and that means kids are home from school to spend the holidays with family. Chances are they’ll be patient for a little while, but after a day or two, you’ll need to have something ready to keep them busy. It’s likely you have at least a few plastic bottles waiting to be recycled sitting at home; Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. Why not take care of some last-minute holiday decorations at the same time by letting your kids craft recyclables into holiday ornaments and more? Here are a few simple crafts for your kids that make use of common household recyclables like plastic bottles.

  • Recycled Wreath: With a bit of creativity and a pair of scissors, those extra colored plastic bottles sitting around can become a cute wreath for the front door of your home. Cut off the necks of the green plastic bottles and stack them together, then slowly curve the stack until it forms a circle. Secure with glue or tape and decorate with ribbon, ornaments, or any other fun decorations you can think of.
  • Short Santa Ornaments: A simple craft that doesn’t require too many recycled plastic bottles is to turn bottles and paper into an adorable Santa ornament for your Christmas tree. Shorten the bottle by cutting out the middle section, then secure the top and bottom ends of the bottle to one another with tape. Wrap with red paper, decorate the edges with cotton balls, and draw on a belt for a cute little Santa ornament.
  • Simple Snowflake Ornaments: For a craft with as little cutting of plastic as possible, try this simple ornament project. Cut off the indented bottom end of plastic bottles and use permanent markers, paint pens, and glitter glue to draw on a snowflake design. For larger snowflakes, use different plastic bottle designs; try making a large snowflake from a clear plastic water jug.

Make sure you save up your recyclable plastics leading up to the holidays this year to reuse for your holiday decorations and as crafts to entertain the kids. Looking for more information on how to reuse plastic jars and bottles? Contact Indiana Bottle Company today for more information on custom plastic bottles and uses for recycled plastics.