The plastics industry continues to be a major part of the American economy today, making up the third-largest manufacturing industry in the United States. Plastic appears everywhere nowadays, from disposable household items, to toys, to food and beverage packaging. This means you more than likely have at least a few plastic items in your home to recycle or repurpose. To keep more plastic out of landfills, here are a few ways to repurpose clear plastic jugs around your home.


  • Gardening tools: With a bit of creativity and innovation, clear plastic jugs can easily be repurposed into some simple gardening tools. Whether yours becomes a watering can, a simple shovel, or a miniature greenhouse, there are plenty of ways to reuse these plastic items for your garden.


  • Food storage: Plastic water jugs are perfect for storing finicky food items. Dry goods that are bought in bulk, such as beans or rice, store incredibly well in these large plastic containers. Additionally, clear plastic jugs allow you to see exactly what’s being stored in them, so you won’t need to go digging through cabinets to find the right container.


  • Home improvement: If you’re a DIY fiend, gallon plastic jugs will be your best friend. From storing small bits that normally get lost easily, like screws and nails, to holding paint and other liquid essentials for home improvement, reusing plastic jugs will help step up your DIY home improvement skills across the board.


If you do decide you don’t need to use your plastic jugs again, make sure that you recycle them properly rather than simply throwing them away. Rinse them thoroughly and check to make sure all of the plastics used are recyclable. If you’re unsure, look for a recycling symbol somewhere on the plastic. Usually, it will have a number with it to indicate what type of plastic it’s made from, and if it can be recycled.


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