plastic bottles supplier

Promotional items like plastic bottles are great to give away at trade shows, charity events, in company meetings, in the reception area, and at other community events. If you want to design a label that will advertise your business, you want to make sure it looks just right. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Include contact information
If you’re using plastic bottles with caps to promote your business, there are some key pieces of information you might want to include on the label. Your company’s logo/photo, motto/slogan, phone number, website, address, and email address should all be on the label so your audience can find and contact you easily.

Make the font readable
When you send your design plans to a plastic bottles supplier, you should make sure that the font will be readable once the label is placed on the bottle. Having all the right information on the label means nothing if your audience can’t read what it says. The more visually appealing the font is, the more likely your audience will read what’s on the label.

Carefully consider color choice
When it comes to the packaging for our plastic bottle design, you have a lot of colors to choose from. If you’re modeling the label design after your business and its logo, you might want to stick with your business’s colors. If you put out a lot of promotional bottles and want to change it up, sticking with a natural color palette is the way to go. Natural colors are very popular, and your audience is more likely to pick up the custom made bottles if they like the way they look.

Take in feedback
Finally, you should be open to feedback on your label from people inside and outside of your company. This will help you get an outsider’s perspective so you can make the label the best it can be for a large audience.

Every hour, Americans use about 2.5 million plastic bottles, so your choice to use plastic bottles for a promotional item was a good one. If you’re looking for a plastic bottles supplier to help you create your promotional bottles, look no further. Contact us today for more information.