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The Indiana Bottle Company manufactures a wide range of plastic bottle containers for sampling and sprays, and an array of other uses. For your plastic cylinder container needs, look no further than Indiana Bottle Company.


Blow molded plastic cylinder colored bottles are the most basic bottle style. They are often referred to as having “flat shoulders” because they have straight walls, and little to no rounding of the shoulders. The cylinder bottle offers a large variety of neck finishes ranging from 20mm – 38mm and typically come in Natural and White but can be molded in any Custom Colors. These containers are made with various resins, and generally communicate economy and value. These blow molded plastic containers and colored bottles can be enhanced through the use of labels or silkscreen decorations while still offering an economical container solution.

The majority of resins and colors used for manufacturing the cylinder colored bottles meet FDA requirements for food contact.

Blow molded plastic cylinder packaging is ideal for a wide variety of applications and uses, including:

  • Beauty products
  • Foods
  • Chemical
  • Industrial Products
  • Shampoo and conditioners
  • Automotive aftermarket
  • Janitorial
Please Note!

Line items with a * indicate molds that are adjustable to achieve different capacities within the range shown.

If you do not see the exact container you are looking for, give us a call. Building your own plastic cylinder container mold is not as expensive as you may think!



Neck Finish


1 oz. 38-400 Ring Sample Bottle
45 cc. 38-400 Sample Bottle
2 oz. 20-410 Straight Sided
2 oz. 24-410 Straight Sided
2 oz. 28-410 Straight Sided
2 oz. 38-400 Ring Sample Bottle
3 oz. 38-400 Ring Sample Bottle
4 oz. 20-410 Straight Sided
4 oz. 24-410 Straight Sided
4 oz. 38-400 Ring Sample Bottle
120 cc. 38-400 Round Bottle
5 oz. 38-400 Ring Sample Bottle
6 oz. 24-410 Boston Round
6 oz. 53-400 Wide-Mouth Jar
8 oz. 28-410 Bullet Bottle
*8 oz. 24-410 Straight Sided
*8 oz. 28-410 Straight Sided (Squat)
*8 oz. 28-410 Bullet
*8 oz. 38-400 Straight Sided
*12 oz. 24-410 Straight Sided (Squat)
*12 oz. 28-410 Straight Sided (Squat)
12 oz. 28-410 Straight Sided (Tall)
12 oz. 38-400 Cylinder (Squat)
16 oz. 28-400 Decanter (Graduated)
*16 oz. 24-410 Straight Sided
*16 oz. 28-410 Straight Sided
16 oz. 28-410 Bullet Bottle
*16 oz. 38-400 Straight Sided
500 ml. 38 (Buttress) Boston Round
24 oz. 28-400 Sprayer Bottle (Graduated)
*24 oz. 38-400 Cone Top
32 oz. 28-400 Decanter (Carafe)
32 oz. 28-400 Sprayer Bottle (Graduated)
32 oz. 28-410 Cone Top Ring Cylinder
32 oz. 28-410 Straight Sided
32 oz. 28-410 Cylinder (Tall Style)
*32 oz 38-400 Flat Top (Squat)
32 oz. 38-400 Cylinder (Tall Style)
32 oz. 43-400 Toner Bottle
1000 ml. 38 (Buttress) Boston Round