recycling plastic bottles

Recycling is an essential part of keeping the environment healthy and clean. Though it might not feel like recycling your individual products will make much of a difference, it truly will. Everything from recycling plastic bottles to cardboard boxes can not only free up space in your home, but it can help the world.

Here are some things that you should recycle:

  • Plastic bottles — Recycling plastic bottles is a great way to do your part in terms of preserving the environment. Americans actually use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. If you and your family purchase and drink bottled water, those plastic bottles can certainly pile up after a week or two. Rather than tossing them in the garbage bin and risking them ending up in landfills, simply toss them in the recycling bin or bring them all to a recycling center.
  • Paper and cardboard products — You can (and should) recycle all paper and cardboard items inside your home or office. Far too many Americans throw away cardboard boxes and paper products, but that’s quite harmful to the environment. Every few days, take a look around your house or office and gather up all your cereal boxes, magazines, mail, phone books, newspapers, office paper, and take them to a recycling center.
  • Metal and glass items — Additionally, recycling your metal and glass items that you have lying around can help improve the environment as well. Tin, aluminum, and steel cans should never be thrown out, as well as glass containers, and wine, liquor, and beer bottles.

Similarly, there are plenty of things that you should not recycle, including:

  • Polystyrene foam cups
  • Egg cartoons
  • Food soiled containers
  • Soiled paper products
  • Fast food packaging
  • Broken or sharp glass
  • Plastic utensils

If you want to learn more about the benefits of recycling plastic bottles, the plastics industry as a whole, or create your own custom plastic bottle design, contact Indiana Bottle Company today.