When you’re in need of industrial-grade containers, selecting the right material to use for them is important. Not all industrial containers are created equal, and sometimes specific materials will be necessary to get the job done and done well. So what are a few industries that need blow molded plastic containers? Could your company benefit from using industrial plastic bottles instead of another material?

Material Requirements

Depending on the field your company is working within, you might not necessarily have as much of a choice when it comes to what materials you make your containers out of. Not all manufactured goods will be safe to store in containers made of just any old material. For pharmaceutical products or food products particularly, you need to be sure that your containers are sanitary and safe. Specially made plastic containers can withstand conditions that other materials might not be able to. When in doubt, custom plastic bottles can be made to your specifications to guarantee the safety of your products.

Economic Efficiency

Not only is plastic durable, it also tends to be more economically efficient when it comes to storing and transporting materials and finished goods. Just two pounds of plastic can deliver 1,300 ounces of a beverage such as juice, soda or water. You’d need three pounds of aluminum to bring home the same amount of product, 8 pounds of steel, or over 40 pounds of glass. Because you’ll need less plastic to deliver the same amount of product, you’re ultimately able to save on your production costs with this simple switch of materials.

Environmental Options

Plastic often has a bad reputation when it comes to environmental factors; however, plastic can be easily recycled at the end of its life cycle. When you no longer need your industrial plastic bottles, you’ll be able to recycle them so they can be made into new bottles. Not all materials allow for this, helping you make the right environmental choice for your company. Additionally, it’s possible to have industrial plastic bottles made from recycled material, helping further reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Plastic can be the right choice for many companies looking to purchase industrial containers. For more information or to see if industrial plastic bottles would be a good fit for your business, contact Indiana Bottle Company today.