plastic handled bottlesThe world currently makes almost 6 billion pounds of plastic every year, and the market is still growing! In fact, it’s currently growing at a rate of about 5% annually. But despite the plastic industry’s massive success, there’s still a lot of misinformation floating around, particularly concerning injection blow molding.

Whether you’re just starting out in the plastics industry or you’ve been working with plastic bottle companies and making plastic handled bottles for decades, here are four plastic injection molding myths you should stop believing.

Injection molding should only be used for long production runs
While injection molding is an excellent form of plastics manufacturing for long production runs, the truth is that it’s just as effective for shorter runs, as well. In fact, this process is efficient for everything from creating a few prototypes to mass producing plastic handled bottles.

Non-steel molds should only be used for prototypes
If you frequently ask your mold suppliers for their opinions, you’ll be familiar with this one. Unfortunately, many suppliers will tell you that a lower-cost, non-steel mold is only good for a limited number of production runs. But the reality is that¬†many non-steel molds can create up to 10,000 pieces with no loss in quality.

Plastic molding shouldn’t be used for prototypes
Plastic injection molding seems to have a bad reputation when it comes to prototypes. But the truth is that, when the correct processes are used, injection blow molding can provide high-quality, cost-effective prototypes just as easily as other types of blow molding.

Injection molded parts must be aesthetically completed post-production
Many people may turn away from plastic injection molding because they believe there will be extra steps post-production. And while finishing touches are a common post-production choice for many manufacturers, the truth is that these “finishing touches” can actually be incorporated into the molding process. That effectively makes injection molding one of the most efficient plastic production methods out there.

Needless to say, plastic injection molding is a versatile and sometimes unexpectedly efficient process. And if you still find yourself believing any of these myths, make sure you check up on your facts before jumping to conclusions. For all of your plastic molding needs, contact Indiana Bottle Company today.