Whether you own a small shop or a large corporation, there’s no doubt that marketing is one of the most important channels for keeping your business boat afloat. And while digital marketing is important in today’s internet age, there’s nothing quite like a good physical reminder of your business.


We’re talking about promotional items, both for your employees and for your supervisors. More specifically, we’re talking about customized plastic bottles. Not only are these custom plastic bottles useful, but they’ll also serve as a physical touch point between a consumer or employee and your business as a whole. How else can you benefit? Keep reading to find out.




As we said before, reusable plastic bottles are useful. Are your employees struggling to stay hydrated during the workday? Now they have custom colored bottles to keep water or other beverages in! And if you really want to go the extra mile, there’s nothing stopping you from customizing the logo and text on your water bottles. Now, every employee can feel special and stay healthy.


Environmental Friendliness

If there’s one thing both businesses and consumers can get behind, it’s environmental friendliness. Green initiatives have taken up a large portion of the spotlight recently, so there’s no harm tacking this onto the list of benefits for reusable customized plastic bottles. When you make an effort to help the environment and your customers, they’ll take notice. Americans use almost 2.5 million disposable plastic bottles every hour. Just one reusable custom bottle can make all the difference in the world, both to your consumers and to the environment.

Mobile Advertising


We’re not talking about smartphones. This is legitimate advertising on the go for your business! When someone carries a custom water bottle around with your logo on it, other people are going to notice. At a price point that won’t harm your business, this advertising investment can make thousands of impressions in a very short time.


So there you have it! These may not be all of the benefits you can reap when you invest in custom plastic bottles, but they’re certainly worth looking into an ad campaign like this. And of course, you can come to Indiana Bottle Company for all of your custom plastic needs.