commercial uses for jarsWhether you have commercial uses for jars, a need for custom plastic bottles, or require a wide range of round jars, straight sided jars, and more for your business needs, a process called blow molding is behind it all. The U.S. plastics industry contributes a lot to the country, employing around 1 million workers. This results in approximately $375 billion being put into our economy.

Along with this, plastic containers are known for transporting more liquids with less weight, and they make life easier for many with over 2 million bottles being used by Americans every single hour.

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What is Blow Molding?

If you have heard of glass blowing, then blow molding is not too far off from it. In fact, that is where the idea first formed. This technique involves forming material into a specific shape and using compressed air to force it into the desired look of the manufacturer.

There are a few major parts of a blow molding machine that help it do its job effectively and efficiently. These consist of the extruder, the accumulator die, and the molds themselves.

Types of Blow Molding

There are many commercial uses for jars, clear plastic jugs, and more, and when it comes to actually constructing custom plastic bottles and other types containers, the right blow mold design is key. That’s where the different techniques come in. These typically consist of extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding, and stretch blow molding.

How do these differ? Well, each style is used for producing different types of products. Injection blow molding, for example, is ideal in creating smaller bottles or containers that might be used for make-up or pharmaceutical purposes. Extrusion blow molding, on the other hand, is more suitable for creating toys, bottles, and parts for appliances.

Contributing to Multiple Areas of Life

Blow molding is a necessary practice that contributes to various occupations, products lines, and more. Between the many commercial uses for jars, as well as the products used in janitorial, automotive, and food-related industries, there is a large need for the things created throughout the blow molding process.

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