colored plastic bottlesThe world would not be the same place without blow molding. In the last day, chances are you have used at least one blow molded product, and you did not even know it! It could have been the toy your child was playing with, the colored plastic bottles that hold your bathroom cosmetics, or any variety of plastic packaging you may have used. Whatever the case, blow molding is an extremely important technology that is responsible for producing many of the items we use and enjoy on a regular basis. In the United States, the third-largest manufacturing industry is the plastics industry, and much of that is produced via blow molding. In this article, we will tell you what blow molding is and show you some amazing products that you may not have suspected were manufactured using this method. Read on for more!

What is Blow Molding?

Blow molding is a process that involves shaping plastics. By using a hollow mold, molten plastics are shaped by first placing them inside of a mold, then blowing them up with compressed air to fit them against the sides of the mold. Any hollow plastic part can be blow molded! Below are some amazing products that are made by blow molding!

1. Play Structures

Children’s play structures, such as toy vehicles, houses, and kitchens, can all be produced using blow molding. These products are a great application for this production method because they need to be safe and can be made efficiently!

2. Office Chairs

Did you know that office chairs could be made by blow molding? Manufacturers optimize these products based on comfort and weight preferences, but many office chairs of different styles, shapes, and sizes are all produced with blow molding.

3. Fuel Tanks

Containers of all kinds can be produced by blow molding. From colored plastic bottles to massive 10,000 gallon water tanks, the same process is used to produce vastly different items. Fuel tanks are another container that is produced using blow molding. Different vehicles and engines have different requirements for size, shape, and thickness of the fuel tanks they use, and blow molding is a great way to produce just the right tank.

4. Wheels

The invention of the wheel might have been the most important innovation of all time, but since then technology has come a long way in producing these round, versatile items more efficiently. Countless different pieces of equipment, from garbage bins to utility containers, utilize plastic wheels. These wheels are usually produced using blow molding!

5. Backpacking Frames

Camping and hiking gear has to be durable and ready for the outdoors. Fortunately, blow-molded plastics are up to the task. Did you know that the frames of many backpacking packs are produced using blow molding?

6. Bio-hazard Waste Containers

Some containers, such as food packaging and colored plastic bottles, simply need to do the job of holding their contents without leakage. For these applications, blow molding works just fine. When it comes to containing bio-hazard waste, however, the FDA has implemented standards for the containers that can be used. Fortunately, blow-molding is up to the task, and is the most popular method of production for these high-stakes containers.

7. Kitchen Applicances

You might be surprised just how much of our kitchen appliances are comprised of blow-molded pieces. From shelving, to refrigerator ducts, to water delivery systems in dishwashers, blow-molding is responsible for many of the parts that make our kitchens function normally.

8. Hospital Beds

Bet you weren’t expecting this one! Hospital beds must provide patients with comfort, safety, and convenience. Many of the features on hospital beds are produced using blow molding, including foot boards, headboards, and side rails. Doctors and other hospital employees rely on blow molded products to provide their patients with the comfort and safety they require.

9. Food and Drink Storage

Food containers are one of the most common blow molded plastic products. These include all sorts of packaging found at the grocery store, especially for liquid products. Any time you see colored plastic bottles, or other plastic storage for food and drinks, it was probably produced by blow molding.