making plastic bottlesWhen you’re designing new plastic packaging for your products, one of the most important things you’ll need to consider is how it will make your product look on store shelves. Good product packaging and visually appealing design can make the difference between a product that flops and a product that brings in significant profits. Here are a few tips for making plastic bottles and packaging that helps to sell your product.

Consider Shelving Space

If your product will be lined up on store shelves next to other competing products, consider how much space you’ll have to occupy. Aim to design products that fit neatly on shelves and make a visual impact compared to the products next to them. Don’t be afraid to look at unusual shapes for your packaging as well – custom plastic bottle design can be incredibly eye-catching.

Bright Colors, Brilliant Designs

The last thing you want when making plastic bottles is for those bottles to blend in with the scenery or surrounding products. When you’re designing your plastic packaging, look to use bold colors and imagery that will prevent your packaging and product from fading into the background of store shelves.

Reusable Packaging

If you’re going to be using plastic packaging for your product, try to design your bottles and packaging so that they’re reusable. Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour nowadays, but many people are making the effort to use more reusable items to cut down on their plastic consumption and waste creation. Making your packaging reusable helps your product be more appealing to eco-friendly consumers.

Brand Recognition And Identity

Finally, the most important thing you need to consider when making plastic bottles and packaging to use for your products is how easily they allow consumers to identify your brand. Packaging can greatly influence your brand’s appearance, so keep logo presentation and imagery in mind when designing your packaging.

Having the right plastic packaging design can help your product stand out against the competition. Be sure to use custom plastic bottle design to your advantage when considering new packaging options. For more information on making plastic bottles and packaging that can improve your brand and sales, contact Indiana Bottle Company today.