With the number of household products that are packaged in plastic, the number of plastic containers and plastic bottles in your home can add up fairly quickly. This is partially due to how much plastic is being produced in recent years. Roughly 107.5 billion pounds of plastics and resins were manufactured in 2013 — an increase over the previous year’s 105.9 billion pounds. If you find yourself with more plastic bottles and containers than you know what to do with, here are a few ideas you can use to reuse your plastic packaging.

Food Storage

Did you know that many bulk pantry items can still go bad? Even flour and grains have an expiration date, and many common types of packaging for these items doesn’t do any favors for keeping them fresh. Save any large plastic cylinder containers you happen to use for these cases. Keeping your shelf-stable pantry items in these large plastic cylinder containers or in gallon plastic jugs makes them more easily accessible while also helping them stay fresh for longer.

Custom Organization

Have a bit of a disorganized craft space, or getting irritated with constantly losing nuts and bolts in your garage workshop? Look no further than your recycled plastic packaging. Plastic bottles can be a great way to store smaller, fiddly items like screws and nails. You can also use larger plastic containers with lids to keep items organized on shelves, making your items easier to find.

Arts And Crafts

If you and your family are feeling a bit creative, try using plastic water bottles and other plastic packaging in some kid-friendly arts and crafts. Many families have found unique ways to turn plastic waste into useful home items or fun decorations – it’s even fairly simple to turn plastic bottles with caps into bird feeders to leave outside your home. With a pair of scissors, some plastic bottles, decorations, and creativity, you can turn that plastic waste into your next family project.

Once you’ve finished using your plastic packaging, there’s no need to throw it away right away. For more ideas on reusing plastic packaging or to learn how it’s made, contact Indiana Bottle Company today.