custom made bottlesIf you’re looking for a special gift, look no further than our custom bottle manufacturing service. Custom made bottles are taking over the gifting scene right now! Blow molding is the main method used to create custom and standard bottles alike. The extruder, accumulator die, and molds are the three major parts that a standard blow molding machine consists of. Any shape you like, we can create.

Custom plastic bottles or glass bottles are both excellent choices, depending on the application. Here are three great gift ideas if you’re looking to give out custom made bottles.

Baby Bottles

Baby bottles are a great gift to give to your close friend or family member at their baby shower. You can commemorate your relationship and your loved one’s pregnancy journey with a message on the bottle. You can also choose the perfect color for the theme of the baby shower.

Gifts For A Bridal Party

Customization gifts are always great options when it comes to giving gifts to a bridal party. Here are two great ideas that your closest friends will love after celebrating your big day with you and getting you through the journey of planning. If anyone in the bridal party loves to drink wine, then a customized wine bottle will be perfect. And cracking a beer open with your friends will be that much more special when they have custom made beer bottles to drink out of. A message or an individual’s can be placed on the front of either of these gifts to show how much they mean to the bride and groom.

Water Bottles

Custom made bottles and water simply go hand in hand. Who doesn’t want to stay hydrated and look cool with a custom water bottle? Colors, shapes, and patters come into play to create a bottle that is just right for everyone. Whether you’re at the gym, the office, or just hanging out at home, these gifts can help you stay healthy in style.

Whether for a friend or for your employees, custom bottles are all the rage. If you’re interesting in purchasing custom made bottles, contact us today.