custom plastic bottle manufacturers

Custom plastic bottle manufacturers work extremely hard to produce quality plastic cylinder containers, bottles, and jars for all kinds of uses. There are dozens of industries that rely on these custom made bottles and products to keep their products fresh and their customers safe. As of today, custom plastic bottle manufacturers can offer customers options such as extrusion blow molding for the industrial manufacturing process, stretch blow molding, or injection blow molding.

Another extremely important decision clients have to make is whether or not to use polyethylene or polypropylene for a particular custom product. There are pros and cons to each type of plastic, and we’ve outlined some of the key differences between polyethylene and polypropylene below.

This is the most used plastic across the globe. The name polyethylene is actually very self explanatory, as this type of plastic is a polymer made out of ethylene. Ethylene contains two double bonded carbon atoms, with two hydrogen atoms bonded to each of the carbon atoms. This plastic also has a very simple structure and is used to make cheaper products like bags, toys, and, typically, plastic bottles.

Here are a few other traits of polyethylene that sets it apart from polypropylene:

    • Polyethylene tends to hold up better in cold temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor use in signs and plastic sheeting.
    • Has a lower melting point compared to Polypropylene.
    • Can stretch more than polypropylene and is, usually, much less rigid.

This plastic polymer contains three carbon atoms and uses catalysts like titanium chloride to be produced. Though it’s easy to manufacture, this plastic has extremely high economic value and is commonly used for piping, house appliances, packaging, and automotive parts.

Here are a few other traits of Polypropylene that sets it apart from Polyethylene:

    • Unlike polyethylene, polypropylene can be produced clear.
    • It is much stronger, durable, and sturdier than Polyethylene. Also, Polypropylene is resistant to chemicals and organic solvents.
    • It is more lightweight than most alternatives.

If you want to learn more about how polypropylene and polyethylene are used in the custom plastics industry, or which one is right for your product, then speak with experienced custom plastic bottle manufacturers — contact Indiana Bottle Company today.