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How The Plastics Of Your Bottle May Have More Influence Over Your Consumers Than Your Product’s Label

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The label on a bottle can have a great influence over a potential consumer by attracting their attention via colors, typography, and branding. However, it isn’t only the label on the product that convinces a potential buyer that the product is worth buying. The general shape of the product is another way to set it apart from its competition, therefore gaining the attention of potential consumers.

For instance, in terms of water bottles the amount of water in Dasani and Smartwater bottles may the same. However, because Dasani’s plastic bottle containers are typical in size and shape and look like a regular bottle their product may go unnoticed by the potential consumer because their product blends in with the competition. Smartwater, even if it’s more expensive than Dasani, is more likely to attract multiple customers because of the unique look and feel of their custom made bottles.

The same can be said of Pom Wonderful Juice. The product is relatively expensive in terms of juice products, but because of the uniqueness of the custom plastic bottles and their shape it tempts the consumer into buying it. Humans are sensory creatures; we enjoy touching objects that have interesting textures or shapes to them that we haven’t typically seen. Therefore, a product’s shape may at the very least grab ahold of a potential consumer’s attention and get them to pick the bottle up and hold it in their hand. From there, the visionary designers go to work in attracting the consumer to the label.

The third-largest manufacturing industry in the United States, the plastics industry thrives on this kind of marketing especially in modern years when consumers are looking for additional ways to utilize plastics after they’ve consumed their food contents. For instance, a consumer may find many plastic jar uses and therefore may make a conscious choice to purchase products in plastic jars. Plastic jar uses run from anywhere between holding other food to holding spices to holding hair product. A consumer will then optimize on these plastic jar uses after utilizing the product with which the plastic jar came.

Therefore, when considering potentially innovative marketing techniques for your product, consider the plastics industry’s extraordinary capabilities to increase revenue for your product. The label may do well for visual appeal and attention, but it is the structure and shape of the product as well as that structure’s usability after the product has been consumed that makes the product interesting and thus worth buying.