blow molding plasticBlow molding plastic has far and away become one of the most common and effective ways of making plastic bottles, wide mouth jars, commercial plastic jugs, and so many more products we use everyday. In fact, blow molding methods have helped to create a thriving and growing industry that supports thousands of American jobs. And around the globe, about 600 billion pounds of plastic are made and consumed every year, in a market that continues to grow at a rate of about 5% annually.

But what is it that makes blow molding plastic so effective and useful? Here are the key advantages for businesses, consumers, and the industry alike.

  • Cost
    It’s much more cost-efficient to create molds with an extrusion blow molding method than it is with an injection molding technique because of the lower pressure volumes required. Plus, it saves on machinery and tooling costs compared to other methods.
  • Production
    When it comes to high production volumes, plastic blow molding makes it easy to create three-dimensional moldings relatively quickly. One-piece construction techniques make it so that there’s no need to connect part halves, which can also help significantly reduce flash.
  • Customization
    Every field will have its own unique needs when it comes to plastics, which is why custom bottle manufacturing is so vital. Because there’s no core, blow molding plastic machines are open to specialty needs and customized forms to match any situation while still providing high integrity and quality of part performance.
  • Eco-Friendly
    Many people are concerned about plastic waste. However, with blow molding, every piece of trim and flash can be reused to create finished parts so that no element goes to waste. There are also ways to reduce the amount of plastic required while maintaining high usage, since you can choose between single-walled or double-walled plastic as necessary. Along with plastic recycling programs around the world, these methods help reduce waste — and therefore costs as well.

When it comes to modern plastic production methods, nothing beats blow molding. Not only is it cost-effective, efficient, and highly customizable, but it also allows for high-performance manufacturing under all types of conditions. The more we can do to make our plastic productions more efficient, the better we can put those products to responsible use.