custom plastic bottle makerWhen it comes to creating plastics, many consumers don’t really understand how it affects their day-to-day lives. But the truth is that plastic blow molding companies and injection molding companies are quite present in the items you use around your home every single day.

What Is Injection Molding?
In simple terms, injection molding is a process used in the manufacturing of plastic parts. In the vast majority of cases, it’s a process used when thousands of identical plastic parts need to be created at the same time. As such, it’s one of the most cost-effective methods of producing plastic parts for things you likely use all the time!

The plastics industry may be the third-largest manufacturing industry in the U.S., but make no mistake that these companies are in your home all the time. Keep reading to learn about a few common items made using injection molding.

Bottles and Lids
That reusable water bottle you’re drinking out of? There’s a good chance that a custom plastic bottle maker used injection molding or blow molding to create it. And the lid? That’s typically a product of injection molding too. A custom plastic bottle maker uses injection molding to ensure each component fits the exact shape necessary. Making plastic bottles is the first step to having them in your home, after all.

Electrical Switches
That’s right! You wouldn’t even be able to turn on your lights the way you do if it weren’t for injection molding. Even the electrical switches on your coffee pot, your hair dryer, and your oven light are created with injection molding.

While not all toys are created using injection or custom blow molding, many plastic components of them are. For example, any doll accessories like shoes or bags may have been created with plastic injection molding. In addition, toy cars and trucks are often the product of plastic injection molding.

As you can see, injection molding is consistently present in many aspects of daily life. So next time you pick up a reusable water bottle or flick on the light switch in your living room, remember where those plastic components came from!